Working As a Pharmacist Has Always Been

Working as a pharmacist has always been my dream, more than any other avenue of health care work. I decided to pursue a career in pharmacy in earnest shortly after I began attending community college. Especially after I found work at a local pharmacy, my desire to work in this industry increased. I had only worked at the store for a few weeks and I had already taken note of a number of procedures related to the pharmaceutical business that arent taught in the classroom. For example, I picked up on the level of care and personal interaction required between pharmacist and customer, as well as the distinct relationships between the pharmacy, the customer, the physicians, and the insurance agencies.

Pharmaceuticals are a booming business, one in which I know I will thrive professionally. Yet it is also a health care industry, one that combines clinical work with patient interaction. For these very reasons I am drawn to the pharmaceutical sciences.

Synthesizing laboratory empiricism and personal care is the unique domain of pharmaceutical science, my primary field of interest and.