Sin Is a Stranger in

His murders appear to be the retribution for the sinners. The movie shows through the personage of Somerset, a detective, that the hope and the belief in virtue in the heart of people, especially experienced people, is almost gone. The sins are progressing so fast that even people who may seem innocent are guilty, too. A clear example can be observed through the death of Mills wife in “Seven.” The misdeeds of the contemporary society can hardly fit in the Circles of Hell that Dante introduced.. All of the seven capital sins are so common that it can undermine the faith in everything. Several sins are the most well spread among people nowadays: pride, the prototype of all the other sins, greed, gluttony and envy. People become proud of being who they are, wearing the clothes they are wearing, they do not share with the ones that are in need, they only struggle for more money and power with each other, forgetting to love and to give. The movie “Seven” does not only show the life of New York City with all its first and abjection, it also derides the “normalcy” of the occurring. It makes a definite parallel with the movie “The Devils advocate.” Both of the movies show the Life of New York, both of them make an emphasis on the choices that people make. In “Seven” the main character Mills was a victim of Anger; in “Devils advocate” the main character Lomax was guilty of Pride and Greed. He wanted more money and got more recognition and could not stop when he needed to from the very beginning.

Both of the movies make a stress on the laxity of the society. The main values are materialistic, not spiritual. People refuse to control themselves and take responsibility for their own actions. They envy, become furious and are ready to do anything to become famous and rich, they sacrifice the people whom they love for material goods and pleasures. Both of the movies reflect the frequency of sinning in the modern society and rise vital problems of moral and conscience. Their message is that it is necessary to maintain faith in mankind in order not to yield to temptation to sin. John Doe and Mills in “Seven” did not have the strength to believe in the mankind and virtue. Kevin Lomax in the “Devils advocate changed his mind when it was almost too late. Some of the Deadly Sins have become common, but in spite of this people need to keep being strong and kind, like Somerset in “Seven.” The call of the movie is to remind the humanity that Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth still remain “capital” sins and to show that the punishment will reach its destination sooner or later. Love and only Love will save all the people and revive them!


The Seven Deadly Sins/August 27, 2004

The Structure of Dantes Inferno

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