Running an Effective Team Meeting

The Keller Williams Realty Agent Leadership Council Clinic says that in team meetings, all team members must be made aware of the following about the company, prior to launching into problem-solving or brain-storming: the mission (why the company is in business); the vision (what the world will look like after the companys mission has been accomplished); the values (principles the company operates under in order to reach its mission and vision); the beliefs (what is true, according to the companys honest appraisal); and the perspective (how the company sees itself).

PROBLEM #4: Prior to the first meeting of the group, the selection process is flawed, and as a result, teams sometimes are poorly put together; just because 8 people from the creative department are brought together in a room, with coffee, bagels, and comfortable chairs around a nice table, doesnt mean there are a “team.” Can they build relationships with each other? Are they that kind of people? If not, there is no “team.” John C. Maxwell, in his book, The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player (pp.110-113), writes that there are several ways to know whether, after a meeting or two, whether individuals have “built solid relationships with other team members.” One, each must respect the other; two, there must be shared experiences; three, trust must developed; four, there must be reciprocity (“one-sided relationships dont last”); and five, the people who are members of the team must have a mutual enjoyment.

PROBLEM #5: Sometimes meetings move along toward the end of the allotted time but not everyones needs are met: some team members might be less open with their views, and may feel left behind. Not every personality is willing to openly challenge existing views that are on the table, and therefore, some will feel like they were not included, or, simply did not have the opportunity to contribute. In “The Three Most Important Secrets of Successful Meetings” (In Mind Communications), the authors suggest “making sure the individual and group needs of the participants are met. Are people participating, included, feel that there is room for their ideas?” Those are important questions, as is, “…are people committed to the task at hand and enthused about the say the group is working… “

If not, new leadership should be put in place, or the existing leadership of the team should be given more training. At the end of the day, the person in overall charge of the leadership of the team should step in and make sure the team is functioning effectively.


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