Race in Social Services

Race” in Social Services

Race in Social Services

Childrens Institute International (CII) is a private non-profit organization that improves the lives of Los Angeles most vulnerable children by helping them directly and by strengthening the families and the communities in which they live. The organization is an equal opportunity employer and, therefore, race is not a factor that has any role to play in either recruitment or career planning. Race is also not an eligibility criterion for the organizations service programs that include the key areas of child and family assessment, sexual abuse treatment, domestic violence intervention, family treatment services, therapeutic day care, and long-term foster family care. Thus, it is evident that race has no role to play in CII.

In fact, since CIIs objective is to serve families and children all over Los Angeles country, its programs and services do not even specifically target a particular racial or ethnic population.

However, because the need for CIIs services is greater among high-need, low-resource communities, it can be said that the organizations programs appear to target the African-American and Hispanic communities. The organizations services may seem skewed towards the African-American and Hispanic communities, but the fact remains that CII is an organization that supports racial diversity. Indeed, this is evident in the racial/ethnic composition of the organization and the complete absence of comments pertaining to racial or ethnicity issues during working hours.

CII is also an organization that makes an effort to stress its racially diverse nature by encouraging it members to be aware of the importance of racial diversity. As such, the organizational culture and composition has ensured that there is no consciousness of racial issues among its members. Perhaps, the only perspective from which it can be said that members of CII.