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Planning Function of Management in an Information Technology Service

When we speak of information technology, we usually associate it with advanced tools, systems, state-of-the-art, and automated devices. In developing such technologies, planning is an essential process to ensure the systems and devices success. This importance in development planning should be similarly set to management planning in an organization. This paper will discuss how management planning is set in a company, InfoServ, which provides information technology services to different companies.

Management planning is considered by InfoServ as a critical process because it relates to how smooth the company will operate, as well as how smooth they can provide services to their clients. The management planning functions of the company includes concerns on the following.

Human resource planning.

This covers the management of human resource aspects such as availability of IT employees for the current projects and upcoming projects handled by the company, as well as management and sustenance of the employees.

This planning function of InfoServe can be assessed as an effective strategy that they use to ensure the continuous flow of their business. By managing human resources, that can be considered as the most important element of a business, as well as the aspects concerning human resources, it can be concluded that InfoServe already manages the large part of the company.

Client management planning.

This covers how the company will provide quality services to their clients for them to win their loyalty.

The effectiveness of this planning function of InfoServe is apparent on how their clients repeatedly seek for their service. InfoServe has quite a number of clients who have been loyal to them. Aside from this, the company has more than 50 regular clients with which they provide a continuous IT service.

Security management planning.

Because InfoServ is an IT service company, information security is part of its management planning. This is another planning function in which the management procedures of InfoServe demonstrates and proves an efficient delivery of secured information service to its clients. The company utilizes different security measures in information technology, such as provision of a secured information systems over the Internet, to ensure that the confidentiality and reliability of their clients data are protected.

Audit management planning.

Because InfoServ is an IT service company, they ensure that every activity in the company conforms every standard in a real high-technology. The company follows a regular audit in the different process and procedure of their operation. This is to guarantee that the services they provide meet the right quality and standard. This planning function of the companys management is among the reasons why their clients trust their.