Persona Qualities

People as Survivors

Life is always filled with difficulties, and those people that manage to survive these difficulties with a good attitude are the true “survivors,” rather than the people on the reality television show who survive because of their abilities to outwit or screw their competition. True survivors take their strength from themselves, rather on relying on others to make them strong. When good people face difficult times, they all react differently. Some people are overwhelmed by their troubles. They wallow in self-pity, feel sorry for themselves, and do not do anything to help themselves. These are not survivors, because they do not have the inner strength to survive great difficulties, and they certainly do not become stronger because of their difficulties.

True survivors benefit from their difficulties, and grow stronger. Christopher Reeves is an excellent example. He survived a terrible accident, and at first hoped to die, but then, he overcame his difficulties and went on to inspire thousands of other people with spinal injuries. He lived much longer than many people thought he would, and he went back to work directing and even acting in films. He grew stronger because of his difficulties, and he learned how to live with them.

In addition, survivors inspire others. Christopher Reeves did, and so do many others. Franklin D. Roosevelt.