Panera Bread: Market and Supply

It sales is also expected to skyrocket from its own restaurant which was started in 2011. The sales expected to increase from 7% to 7.5% in the current quarter, as better weather, the media spending higher price help it to continue to outperform the industry.

Promotion and advertising

Penera Bread Company is to spend millions of dollars in reach the market and to improve it sales and profitable. These will be through advertising using electronic media for the first time in its history. It will be the first national cable television advertisement at St. Louis-based company.


It plan to spend $60 million in media investment this year compare to roughly $55 they spend previous year. That would mean that the firm investment in media will increase by 26% this year. but, this will only take 1.5% of its annual sales, compared with larger restaurant chains that often spend 3% to 6% of their sales on media.

The media advertisement will basically focus on electronic such TV advertisement. This would be affective with the crowded airwaves due to presidential elections going on in the country.

Social media network

With plan to reach a wider market, Panera Bread Company plans to use social media network to advertise itself and its services. Therefore facebook, twitter and online advertisement would be used.

Supply Chain

Panera Bread Company is currently having 1,540 bakeries — cafes across the United States and it expected to establish between 115 to.