Operations: Carroll County Council for

Also, Hamilton, Webster and Sac counties have access to such umbrella services as Parent Time Out, Happy Bear, Crisis Child Care, and Special Care for Special Kids, Family Enrichment Program, and FaDSS (Family Development and Self-Sufficiency Program).

This widespread structure of organizational operations allows different services to be accessible that uniquely fit the needs of individuals in various situations. Parents with special needs children, families in need of enrichment to facilitate their childrens educations, parents in need of placing their children in child care, or parents who need time out from the burdens of child care (frequently parents with many children or younger or single parents) can select organizations that operate under the larger web of the Carroll County Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

Also it enables the directors to have close contact with a wide range of knowledgeable individuals heading a variety of federal and state organizations.

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