Malaysia Where in the World Is Malaysia?


Where in the World is Malaysia?

Does anyone really know where Malaysia is, or is it just a semi-fictional location for tropical diseases to originate in Hollywood plots? Actually, many students study Malaysia and understand the importance of this country. Some pop-culture figures, unlike those in non-educational fiction, do in fact teach Americans that Malaysia is a real country in Asia. In the books, games, and television shows based on “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” knowledge of political and geographical situations is encouraged, and on more than one occasion Carmen Sandiego has in fact been in Malaysia, without contracting a fictional tropical disease. The relationship between America and the United States, interesting Malaysian facts, and the demographics and culture of the country are three important topics about Malaysia.

The relationship between Malaysia and the United States is currently a little bit stressed. Malaysia currently has a different opinion about what should happen in Iraq than Americas policy. Not long ago, Malaysian leaders were on friendly terms with President George W. Bush, and were even invited to the Oval Office, and even though the leaders of the two countries have differing opinions about foreign policies, The Foreign Minister to Malaysia insists that the country is determined to keep a good relationship with America.

Malaysia is grateful for Americas influence on their economic and political development. However, some of the public statements made by Malaysian officials were construed as offensive by many Americans, even though many countries disagreed with our Coalition action. Malaysia remains the host for an American-sponsored Counter-Terrorism Center, and along with other diplomatic actions, the United States government continues to consider Malaysia to be an important ally despite differences in opinion.

Malaysia is historically and currently a fascinating country. The official language of Malaysia is Maylay. The capital of the country is Kuala Lampur. The Paramount Ruler of Malaysia is currently Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin. The Prime Minister of the country is Abdullah Ahmad Badawl. The total area within the countrys borders is 329,750 square kilometers. Approximately 0.3% of that area is water. The total estimated population of Malaysia is 25,720,000 people, and about 78 people live in each square kilometer of the country. Malaysia gained independence from the United Kingdom not.