Interviews on Nursing I Interviewed Three People.

Interviews on Nursing

I interviewed three people. Lucile is 80 years old. The only hospitalization she has had, except for the birth of her child, was for a hip replacement two years ago. I also interviewed Luciles daughter, Roberta. Roberta is 50 and has diabetes. Finally, I interviewed Robertas nephew, Robert. Robert is a 20-year-old college student.

Is nursing a profession?

Lucile: I think its a profession. Nurses have to have a lot of training, dont they? When I was in the hospital I think the nurses made decisions about my medical care. Doesnt that make them a professional?

Roberta: To me, to be a professional means that you make important decisions independent of people who are over you. Im an engineer, and the decisions I make dont have to be approved by someone else. So to me, a doctor is a professional but a nurse is not. Im not saying they dont perform an important job, but they usually dont make diagnoses and decide treatment.

Robert: Nursing is an important job, but I dont see it as professional. Doctors give the orders and nurses follow them, isnt that right?

Can you describe the characteristics in the individual that attributes to professional behavior?

Lucile: I think the most important thing about being professional is confidentiality. I would be very upset if I thought nurses were gossiping about me in the hallway, for instance.

Roberta: Well, thats a little tricky, because I just said they arent professionals, but I do expect professional behavior. I think people who act professionally dont take small things personally. They dont argue with the people they serve whether its a client or a patient. They find tactful and productive ways to resolve differences.

Robert: I think professional behavior means you take other people seriously when youre dealing with them at work. You dont blow them off. You.