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North Carolina State University has an Industrial Extension Service (IES) for the purpose of assisting small to medium size manufacturing companies in NC compete and succeed.

Industrial Extension Service is a vital part of North Carolina State University. It provides a foundation for the North Carolina business in various areas of work. The company boasts “the latest technologies and best practices in both engineering and business management.” (“”) Their main focus is to lead a manufacturing business to success. Their website illustrates the demand for manufacturing and the possible profits through various statistics. “Manufacturing continues to be the leading contributor to North Carolinas $398 billion Gross Domestic Product (GDP), at 18.2% in 2009, or over $72 billion. The next highest contributor to the states GDP is real estate, rental and leasing: $41 billion, or just over 10%. In addition, manufacturing employs 15.1% of the total workforce, providing above-average wage jobs to more than 500,000 individuals. business to success.”(“”)

Their claim of having the best to offer will be evaluated by the quality of the website and the information it offers along with the success stories. Can the IES website back its claims? Can their success stories validate their status as North Carolinas foundation of business? There are video testimonies along with a large number of success stories to evaluate. The success stories are current, with the latest being in April.

For the purpose of this lab, one case study will be reviewed. This case study is titled: “Saab Barracuda LLC: Provider of Camouflage Net Systems and Other Signature Management to Enhance Survivability”


Purpose: The problem is to evaluate the validity of IES as an assistant to success for various manufacturing companies in North Carolina by reviewing Saab Barracuda LLCs success story.

Hypothesis: If the success story proves IES competency, then the claims made by North Carolina State University in regards to IES will be proven true, because companies can succeed under their influence.


Websites utilized: and



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Step 1: I will read the article titled: “Saab Barracuda LLC: Provider of Camouflage Net Systems and Other Signature Management to Enhance Survivability.”

Step 2: I will research the company and determine the validity of the facts presented in the article as well as provide background information on the company.

Step 3: I will determine how IES assisted the Saab Barracuda LLC in succeeding.


“With the help of the Industrial Extension Service (IES) at North Carolina State University, their internal auditing has helped them maintain a clean record leading to zero action requests — three years running as noted by their third party auditor. “(“”)

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