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Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Structure: The Executive consists of a body of three people, appointed by the Commission (i.e., HSC) with the consent of the Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions. The organization is headed by a Director General. The other two “Executives” are the Deputy Director General (Operations) and the Deputy Director General (Policy). The Deputy Director General (Operations), in turn, heads various departments such as Field Operations Directorate, Nuclear Safety Directorate, Hazardous Installations Directorate etc. Other HSE departments such as the Communications Directorate and the Resource and Planning Directorate work under the Deputy Director General (Policy). The Executive and its staff of around 4000 consist of policy advisors, inspectors, technologists, and scientific and medical advisors — and are known collectively as HSE.

The 11 member HSE Board consists of the Director General, the two Deputy DGs and eight Directors heading the more important HSE Directorates.

Functions: The HSEs main function is to advise and assist the Commission besides performing some specific statutory responsibilities of its own for enforcement of Health and Safety Laws. It carries out these functions by advising the HSC on legally and technically sound strategic policies formulated by HSEs Policy Division; carrying out extensive Inspection work through its various Directorates including the Field Operations Directorate, Nuclear Safety Directorate and the Hazardous Installations Directorate; investigating and analyzing safety incidents; and carrying out Research work in Science and Technology through external suppliers and in-house facilities.

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