Globalization Vs. Fundamentalism Globalization Is

But we must read between the lines to find the middle ground and see how the two pieces of literature coincide. When I read Friedmans book and compared it to Roachs article, I felt that the two presented dissimilar ideas but I later realized that this was not the case at all. In fact both pieces were trying to explain the process of globalization, with the possible difference that Roach was explaining its end, while Friedman was focusing on its birth.

These two works are thus connected and spreading it a little further, we can connect them to Bruce Lawrences work Defenders of God. This work is essentially on fundamentalism but explains that globalization is one of the main reasons why fundamentalism sprung up. Lawrence defines “fundamentalism” as: “The affirmation of religious authority as holistic and absolute, admitting of neither criticism nor reduction; it is expressed through the collective demand that specific creedal and ethical dictates derived from the scriptures be publicly recognized and legally enforced.

” (p. 78)

This work is connected to the two other mentioned above because they all discuss the issues of globalization and how it creates a sense of fear and insecurity among people of other religions and nationalities. Fundamental originates from fear- fear of displacement. When people feel that their identity is vanishing due to more powerful external forces, a quick and natural reaction is to vehemently hold on to traditional views. This gives rise to fundamentalism, which can in turn lead to terrorism and all other means of preservation of traditional views. Globalization is the external force that fundamentalists fear. And they have brutally attacked engines of change in order to show resistance against such unwelcome forces. Thus the two phenomena of globalization and fundamentalism are closely linked to each other.


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