Financially Worthwhile? Post the Link for the

Financially Worthwhile?

Post the link for the grant you identified. Then describe the type of human services program that might benefit from the grant and explain how. Finally, share an insight you had or a conclusion you drew about identifying available grants.

Grant Funding: Identifying sources for grant funding

One of the identified potential grants is a leadership capacity program funded by the USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development). The grant opportunity is called, “Leadership Initiative for Good Governance in Africa” or LIGGA. This opportunity seeks out leaders who have the potential to further strengthen their leadership skills and qualities through programs that aim “to promote a culture of good governance and leaders of integrity who eschew corruption in Africa” (Full announcement, p.4). The grant opportunity is open to legally recognized for-profit and non-profit organizations and agencies and colleges and universities. Prior to a full application, USAID will first require applicants to submit a concept paper demonstrating the applicants technical implementation plan for their proposed LIGGA program.

Applicants and leadership participants must be implemented within sub-Saharan African countries. Duration of proposed programs is between 24 to 60 months, with a minimum budget of USD 200,000 and maximum budget of USD 1,500,000.

Considering the LIGGA grant opportunity, there are two major human services program that can be developed and can be aligned with the LIGGA objectives. The first human services program is recruitment of local representatives in every implementation area that will be identified in the program. For example, if the organization is interested in proposing for a program in Kenya, the recruitment of local representatives could reach up to the district level. The objective of the first program — that is, recruitment of local representatives / leaders at.