Fashion Advertising in the Latest

Second, the Madonna Versace ad is well-designed. Madonnas feet are one of the highlights of the photograph. The shoes she wears, which are sandals, breathe whispers of the upcoming warmer seasons. However, the gold and white tones in the ad still reflect the current colder seasons. Madonna is posing laying on a day bed, and her legs are crossed. She appears wrapped up in business of some sort, which again reflects her message as a confident businesswoman. Her eyes look straight into the camera, which is another hint as to Madonnas confident attitude.

Because the ad contains so many consistent messages, it will positively affect consumer behavior. Madonna wears the Versace clothing well; although her celebrity is powerful, it does not necessarily detract from the overall look and appeal of the clothing and accessories made by the designer. Anyone who can afford Versace will be highly likely to heed the subtext of this ad: Versace breeds confidence and confidence deserves Versace..