Eddies Life in the Context

“Amy or Annie” is the symbol of integrity, a child who had won Eddies affection and managed to bring in him his care for other people.

In sum, Mitch Alboms “The five people you meet in heaven” is an effective illustration of the life of Eddie, an 83-year-old man who, through a vision of “heaven” on earth, received self-actualization/integrity as he approached the end of his life on earth. Interestingly, Albom uses “heaven” in a figurative sense in order to extend the important message of the novel to his readers: “heaven” is but a supernatural concept that actually exists anytime, anywhere in this world.

Enlightened people who realize this truth about heaven, like Eddie, achieve self-actualization/integrity in life. Moreover, Albom wants his readers to realize that the path towards self-actualization/integrity does not end at death; rather, it is dynamic or ever-changing and continuous, and it is only in achieving a positive view of life on earth that people shall cease to want, and live the satisfied, fulfilled, and meaningful life, whether here on earth or in “heaven.”


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