Current 2012 Political Campaign Funds of Presidential Election

2012 Political Campaign Funds of Presidential Election

Various reasons contribute to the usage of money by politicians during the campaign period. Some of them include conflict of interest whereby the politicians use their power to lure the public in supporting them. However, the American government has various set regulations of which the politicians are supposed to follow when using or spending the campaign funds. Some of the politicians claim that the wrong usage of the campaign funds is because they are underfinanced. This makes the current political system to favor only some individuals who end up spending the money in the wrong way. In order to stop the politicians from using the campaign funds in the wrong way, various strategies ought to be set. Some people suggest that it would be effective to implement this plan if only the government manages to take the campaign funds away from the politicians. The main problem associated with the campaign fund is the usage of the money. This problem is raised by the current strategy of the campaign finance reform whereby it does not offer strict measures of how politicians ought to spend the campaign funds. In order to get a clear view of this information, let us first look at the issues associated with campaign funds at the last presidential election campaigns that happened bask in 2008.

The 2008 presidential campaign was much different compared to other campaigns that ever happened all the years before. This is because the campaign funding increased in a significant way compared to other election years. The presidential candidate, Barrack Obama, who then won the election that year managed to raise a significant amount of funding. The other main reason that made the campaign different is the fact that Obama used new tactics in rising funding for the campaign. For example, he used a new method whereby he could court and mobilize activities through the Internet. Moreover, Obama raised various grassroots funding through requesting for donations via the Internet.

This strategy was employed in every state and the most significant issue is that the strategy worked efficiently. This made Obama to achieve a breaking record whereby he managed to raise considerable amount of funding. The main reason that made Obama to achieve this significant funding is that he got the funding from the individual small donors.

Another important issue to note is that fundraising is of significant importance in the American presidential campaigns. This is because the funding tends to determine the candidates viability. The money raised in the funding is applied in various significant ways. For example, the money that was obtained in Obamas presidential campaign was used to pay salaries for various officials who took part and non-volunteers who took part in the campaign. The other part of the funding was used to pay for transportations purposes. Moreover, some part of the money was used to pay for the campaign materials that were used. Another area that the funding was of significant assistance is paying for the media advertisements. However, the main problem that is affecting the world today in matters relating to politics is that the campaign funding especially in the presidential election is used in the wrong way. For example in presidential campaign, various questions emerged concerning the amount of money and how it was spent during the campaign. One of these questions include why Obama rejected the $84 million that he was granted for his presidential campaigns. May be the main reason that contributed Obama not to accept the grant was to disassociate him with the wrong usage of the funding. Some of the main problems that were associated with usage of money in the 2008 presidential campaign seem to have broken the image of funding system. This is because the raising of the funding appears to have personal interest of the candidates rather than the desired intention of using the money.