Crash of Korean Airlines Flight 2033

Crash of Korean Airline Flight 2033

Korean Flight 2033, Airbus A300B4-622R, carrying 152 passengers and 8 crew members crashed on August 10, 1994 after the plane overran the runway at Cheju, South Korea and caught fire while landing during adverse weather conditions (Accident pp). The approach was flown with slats/flats at 15/20 degrees due to suspected wind-shear (Accident pp). The plane approached fast and touched down 1773m past the runway threshold, was unable to stop on the remaining 1227m and overran at a speed of 104 kts (Aviation pp). After striking the airport wall and a guard post at 30 kits, the plane caught fire and burst into flames (Aviation pp). There was a struggle and argument between the captain and co-pilot during the last seconds of the landing (Accident pp). Crew error was determined and there were no fatalities (Accident pp).

As the plane approached, The Co-pilot, Chung Chan Kuy, a Korean, apparently concerned about the length of Runway 6, asked Captain Barry Woods, a Canadian, several times whether he wanted to go around (Cockpit pp).

However, when Captain Woods told his Co-pilot not to go around the Co-pilot grabbed for the throttles, and Woods told him to get off (Cockpit pp).

When the aircraft was only 30 feet off the ground, the Co-pilot decided to go around and pulled back on the yoke (Cockpit pp).

Co- pilot: Go around, forty [feet], thirty [feet]

Captain: Get your hands .Get off! Get off! Tell me what the altitude.