Conundrum of Plagiarism Nowadays, Plagiarism

In that way, plagiarism is a complicated issue. I think we could begin, perhaps, to truly solve the problem of plagiarism in schools, colleges, universities, and elsewhere, by our society and mass media (e.g., television, films, Internet, etc.) expressing the idea that thinking for oneself is an admirable attribute, not a tedious waste of time or painful burden.

The skills, experiences, and attributes I plan to bring to the online MBA program in Healthcare management include my very strong organizational; writing; verbal; time management, and planning skills, as well as my ability to communicate, collaborate, and work well with others from all backgrounds and walks of life. My professional experience, including my current work as a Medical Education Research Specialist for Optima Educational Solutions, Inc., has provided me not only with considerable research and writing experience, but also with experience in areas like project development and management; healthcare marketing, and design, development, and production of programs related to medical education. Having also been employed in various business capacities (e.g., in sales, marketing, and, more recently, medical research), and as a science, math, and language arts teacher, I feel I also would bring professional and personal understanding of businesses and people; insight based on experience, the ability to work hard and persevere in the face of obstacles, to the MBA program.

A expect that what will be necessary for me to succeed in the MBA Program in Healthcare Management will be (1) a strong commitment to completing the program; (2) a willingness to make sacrifices in order to complete the program, (3) perseverance, and (4)determination. Also necessary will be my internal motivation and drive to complete the program, which I have in abundance. Moreover, as a full-time working professional, I will need to make excellent use of my organizational and time management skills, and of my abilities to prioritize tasks and often juggle several kinds of tasks simultaneously: at work, within the MBA program, and at home. As a person with a family, I will also need to be able to communicate with my family about why I have less time than before; why I am pursuing the MBA, and the reasons it is important to me. I will need to let them know how, despite the sacrifices, it is a worthwhile goal, for me and for them.

Finally, I will need to bring to the MBA program my self-confidence, self-discipline, patience, sense of humor, desire to learn and help others to learn, and ability to accept delayed gratification.

My concerns about my ability to be successful in an MBA program in Healthcare Management have not so much to do with my ability to do the work or to complete the assignments, as they have to do with my being simultaneously a full-time working professional; a returning student, and a wife, mother, daughter, sister, (etc., fill in this one) These three areas of my life are very different from one another; therefore I look forward to (but also feel somewhat nervous about) the upcoming challenge of having them all these parts of my life “work” together. The particulars of that challenge, I know, will test many aspects of myself: my patience, my perseverance, my stamina (mental, emotional, and physical), and, probably most of all, my “multitasking abilities.” However, my concern is not one of rather I can meet this challenge, since I now that I can and will. Rather, my concern is about how, in particular I will meet this challenge. I know, also, that meeting and succeed at this challenge will further increase my confidence and enable me to grow in all areas.