Communication Letters Are Historically the

They allow for give-and-take and the expression of a variety of opinions, questions, and suggestions. However, if the goal is simply to disseminate information with no need for give-and-take, those attending may be frustrated if they have comments they want to make but the meeting is not intended for two-way communication. A memorandum or other such bulletin might be more suitable for one-way communication.






Publicizing a change in employee benefits


While email might be cheaper, the company has to make sure that all employees get this important message. Email isnt always read promptly, and individual filters for spam, etc. may result in some people never seeing it.

Announcing layoffs


This is a formal and difficult thing to tell people. In a letter, the writer can choose words carefully and include resources those who are laid off can use to find other employment or for other problem solving.

Explaining a new process to a team

F2F meeting

When people are part of a team they should deal with new team issues together. In a face-to-face meeting, members of the team can discuss the new process and ask any questions.

They can reach a group consensus.

Explaining a new product to all employees


Anything that has to go to all employees should be sent in a letter to ensure that everyone sees it.

Detailing a new procedure to a small # of employees

Email or F2F

If the procedure is simple, email would work, assuming that all the people read their email reliably. F2F, however, would allow demonstration as well as a question and answer session.

Discussing organizational goals

F2F meeting or online meeting

This is crucial communication and needs to be done in person, or as close to “in person” as technology can help achieve

Handling a conflict situation between virtual teams

Online meeting

In an online meeting, facial expressions and body language will be visible, which will decrease misunderstandings. Potentially heated discussions tend to not work well in written format, and on the phone, it is unlikely that everyone would be able to participate. A phone meeting would also eliminate crucial non-verbal communication..