Activity or Accomplishment That Is

My broadcasting career began early, when I anchored for our high schools Hawk News Network (HNN). It was then that I realized for certain what I wanted to do for the rest of my life: to be of service to all people and leave a legacy through effective communication and journalism.

A plan to pursue broadcast journalism by taking rigorous courses that directly pertain in my field of interest. I also intend to stretch my boundaries and step outside of my comfort zone by taking challenging coursework in unrelated areas, areas that might expose and therefore strengthen my weaknesses. Another way I intend to pursue my academic interests is through clubs, organizations, and other extracurricular activities that relate to broadcast journalism. Just as I became actively involved in student-run television stations in high school and college, I will also involve myself deeply with such resources at USC (CHRISTINE: YOU MIGHT WANT TO DO SOME RESEARCH AND MENTION SPECIFIC MEDIA CLUBS OR TELEVISION STATIONS YOU CAN WORK WITH AT USC).

3. Why are you planning to transfer to USC?

USC offers a life-long connection to a supportive academic, social, and professional relationship network that will always be there for me.

Working in a smaller classroom setting, when possible, will allow room for me to develop a deeper understanding of the world of broadcast journalism. The strategic location of USC opens various doors to diverse programs that will stretch my boundaries in different ways. Furthermore, USCs location in Los Angeles will enable me to explore new opportunities to serve and give back to my community.

I know personally what sacrifice entails, as I have worked hard throughout my academic career. For example, at Syracuse I studied my way through many long nights and weekends. My passion for researching and delivering news fuels me, and going beyond what is expected of me has therefore become a part of my personal philosophy. I look forward to participating fully in.